Show pig owners and producers have a new option to help their pigs reach peak performance for the big show. EvoSci Biotech, a research and development-based animal science company, introduces TruShow, an all-natural nutritional supplement developed for swine.

“We are excited to offer TruShow to the show pig community,” said Connor Sharp, EvoSci Biotech co-founder. “The launch of TruShow follows years of research and testing to develop a product that would better livestock nutrition and provide swine producers with an all-natural supplement alternative with the right mix of plant-based ingredients.”

TruShow is an antibiotic- and steroid-free supplement. Its proprietary formula includes prebiotics and plant-based antioxidants along with NEM, an eggshell membrane providing a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health, and omega-3 fatty acids to support swine skin and coat health. Use of TruShow is designed to promote healthier immune and digestive systems, stimulated appetite, increased hydration and improved muscle growth and recovery.

TruShow’s supplement ingredients are water soluble and can be served either mixed in water, top dressed on feed or a combination of both. Visit to order and include promotion code TruEdge150 to save 20% on orders.