While the Democrats’ party platform – unlike the Republicans’ – does mention the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it’s only to say the Asia-Pacific trade agreement should include a list of standards enumerated in the plank, which generally is critical of past trade deals and urges more transparency in negotiations on future agreements.

The platform, approved this week at the Democratic National Convention, states that Democrats will not back free trade agreements that do not support “good American jobs, raise wages and improve our national security.”

Deals must include strong and enforceable labor and environmental standards, with streamlined and effective enforcement mechanisms; must crack down on unfair and illegal subsidies; should promote innovation of and access to lifesaving medicines; and should protect a free and open Internet. The United States should not enter into trade agreements that prevent it from approving rules that protect the environment, food safety or public health.

Democrat congressional lawmakers who support TPP took flak from many convention delegates, particularly supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who strongly opposes the deal. But Democrat backers of TPP appear to be in the majority.

A recent survey from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found that 71 percent of those who support Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and 67 percent of Sanders supporters view trade favorably, and 74 percent of Clinton supporters and 56 percent of Sanders backers support the TPP.