Whether you agree or not, consumers want to know much more about the food they feed to their families, and according to a survey by FoodMinds, they feel the issue is important enough to be discussed on a national level by the presidential candidates.

FoodMinds’ fourth “Food Temperance in America” survey found two out of three “Opinion Leader Shoppers” support including food policy issues in the remaining presidential debate. Key opinion shoppers are defined as registered voters who “express their food values in the grocery store, in public forums and in their politics,” according to FoodMinds. There was a surprising gap between Democratic and Republican shoppers. According to the survey, 76% of Democrat respondents think presidential candidates should debate policy options around access to food, food assistance programs, food safety and education on healthy food choices, while only 50% of Republican respondents felt the same way.

“While food policy approaches differ between Democrats and Republicans, there has been a significant shift since 2010 in Opinion Leader Shoppers’ thinking about who holds the primary responsibility for making the right food choices to stay healthy and avoid obesity,” said the release from FoodMinds.

“Since the FoodMinds Food Temperance Survey was first fielded in January 2010, there has been a steady shift in perceived responsibility away from the individual and toward other parts of society, including food companies, government, health care and education,” Grant Prentice, senior vice president, strategic insights, FoodMinds said in the release. “In fact, during this six-year time frame there has been a 15-point change among Opinion Leader Shoppers, with more than 50% of such shoppers now believing the primary responsibility for making the right food choices lies with society rather than the individual.”

FoodMinds is a food and nutrition consulting company that helps clients navigate shifts in consumer sentiment that may affect marketing potential. For a complete overview of survey findings, visit Food Temperance Survey Fact Sheet.