I cannot keep up with all the anti-GMO postings that spread around the world like wildfire. The latest one is a reference to "toxic wheat" or wheat being poisoned to the detriment of human health by the use of glyphosate herbicide as a preharvest application.

The long explanations about the wise use of glyphosate as a preharvest aid seem to be coming from bloggers. A couple of them that we ran across are farm wives—one in Canada and one in North Dakota—where glyphosate as a preharvest aid is used to a degree. This response would seem natural since the article that these bloggers reference was on a blog called The Healthy Home Economist.

Jenny Dewy Rohrich in her post “The Truth About Toxic Wheat” on www.prairiecalifornian.com, explained wheat production varies around the U.S., Canada and the world. She points out that a small portion of growers in North Dakota use a preharvest glyphosate application. For North Dakota it is mainly hard red spring wheat, and the state only produces about 5 percent of the total U.S. wheat crop.

Sarah Schultz, the Alberta Canadian farm wife, has her post on www.geneticliteracyproject.org –“Does herbicide glyphosate make wheat ‘toxic’? Science, farmers say ‘no.’” She outlines the need to dry down the wheat prior to harvest because of a short growing season, and using glyphosate according to preharvest-interval requirements is scientifically appropriate and safe to the public.

The blog posts are quite long but provide a look into the farming operations, which these women understand from living on their farms. Both condemn the fear of glyphosate use in crop production.