Reports are that the state of California hasn’t been this dry since 500 years ago.

Tree rings from blue oak trees in the Central Valley of California were used to calculate California is in its worst drought for 500 years. The smaller the tree growth rings during a year, the lower the water was available for uptake and tree growth.

The determination was put together by a team of researchers and recently published in the journal Nature.  A Washington Post reporter, Darryl Fears, quoted an associate professor at the University of Arizona and senior author of the study, Valerie Trouet, as saying, “The results were astonishing.  We knew it was an all-time low over a historical period, but to see this as a low for the last 500 years, we didn’t expect that. There’s very little doubt about it.”

The Washington Post article points out evidence of the extreme nature of the drought in California including the number of lighting strike wildfires, the necessary water savings being required by municipalities, the decline in groundwater supplies, the impact of greenhouse gases and climate change.

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