Friday, Butterball LLC announced it would close it’s single pork producing plant in Montgomery, Ill., in July. The closing will affect 600 full-time employees.

Butterball purchased the plant in 2012 from Gusto Packing Co., to expand it’s processing capacity.

Butterball had acquired the plant in 2012 from Gusto Packing Co. for the purpose of expanding its processing capacity and the geographic expansion of the Butterball brand. But in a statement from Butterball Chief Operating Officer Jay Jandrain on May 18, he said the decision to close the plant was made to “meet evolving consumer and customer needs and to address changes in market conditions.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the closing will be even more impactful for the town of Montgomery, since Caterpillar announced last month it was closing its manufacturing plant in the town by the end of 2018.