Women have an important role in agriculture. Yes, many of us are farm wives. But we are also farmers, landowners, teachers and advocates. The biggest mistake among many women is surrendering to the fear of getting involved in a male-dominated world.

America is famous for equal opportunity. Males dominate the ag sector, but being a minority in the farming world is no reason to be afraid to jump in. I’ve noticed women are more welcomed in male-dominated roles than men in female-dominate roles. This is even more of a reason to seek out opportunities. 

Farm meetings on marketing and production are typically full of men. Women are more than welcomed, but don’t always feel comfortable in that atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to attend these meetings. Men may act awkwardly, but have always been open to diversity. For example, I’ve been teased about the needed role of making sandwiches on the farm, but I have also been taken seriously as a farmer.

Women-focused meetings are great, but aren’t always as educating for production and business interested individuals. It’s great for me to attend these types of meetings too because I don’t always see the side of agriculture focused on nutrition, cooking, and home making. A broad range of education is essential to finding your place and needed information.

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