In a recent post for the Environmental Defense Fund, Senior Vice President of Ecosystems David Festa, argued that agriculture producers, including big ag companies, weren’t the bad guy.

Festa contests journalist Michael Pollan’s piece in the New York Times Magazine, stating that the world of food production isn’t as black and white as Pollan makes it out to be. While Pollan paints "Big Ag" as the villian in combat with vegan and organic farmers, he fails to acknowledge the positive progress coming from the agriculture production side of the fence.

Festa goes on to praise the changes that have been made in food production. With improvements in sustainability, fertilizer usage and production, America’s farmers should be commended for their commitment to furthering agricultura; progress while improving sustainability. He argues that if progress is to be made, both sides must look beyond political ideologies to work together. Through cooperation, pursuing sustainability while feeding a growing world becomes a reality.

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