2016 has been a year of change, development and growth in the pork industry. We strive to keep you up-to-date on all the latest pork news but now let's reflect on the last year.

Check out the top stories from Pork Network of 2016! 

Pork Network 100-76

Links to each story can be found below. 

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100: Weaker Vegan Minds

99: Fire Reported at USDA Facility in Maryland

98: Will New Slaughter Capacity Come Soon Enough?

97: Westphalen: Weaner Breakevens Plunge by Nearly $20

96: Wright Co. Greenlights Prestage Pork Plant

95: Setting the Record Straight On Animal Antibiotics

94: Manure: Is It a Waste Product or a Valuable Asset?

93: Thompson: Stuff Animal Rights Activists Say

92: Pig Manure Gas Blamed For Ohio Farm Worker's Death

91: Protein Market Sends Strong Message

90: FDA Action Against Carbadox Largely Unexplained

89: 'You Broke the Law.' House of Agriculture Committee Drills Down on EPA

88: Farming Community Pours In Support After Mont. Pig Barn Fire

87: Prestage Farms Isn't Giving Up On Iowa

86: Alumbaugh: Antibiotic Use In Perspective

85: Weaner Breakeven Climbs Above $30

84: Cut and Spray to Control Poison Ivy, Greenbrier

83: Protests Erupt as Taiwan Reconsiders Ractopamine Ban

82: 'Bayesian Thinking' Helps In Disease Control

81: Reports of Dead Livestock from Hurricane Matthew's Aftermath

80: WOTUS Survives

79: Wright Co. Hopes Proposed Pork Plant Will Boost Population

78: USDA Estimates Number of U.S. Swine Operations, Farms

77: Pork Producers Face Intense Oppposition Over Facilities

76: President Trump: What's Next For Ag?