AP (Automated Production Systems), a division of GSI, will launch its new EDGE control system and platform for handling all of the operational functions in a swine production environment at the 2015 World Pork Expo, beginning today in Des Moines, Iowa.

EDGE’s versatile technology enables pork producers to monitor and manage ventilation, cooling, heating, feeding and watering systems from a single controller using one interface. It can be installed in new construction or as an upgrade to a current facility, integrating a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system. Its triple layer protection with fail-safe redundancy makes it the safest controller in the industry for controlling multiple barns and/or rooms. 

New Pathogen Barrier Pro

AP is also introducing a new Camfil filter, the Pathogen Barrier Pro, which uses a unique, specially designed glass/synthetic hybrid media. This new material provides capture efficiency of more than 95 percent on the most virulent particles sizes that hold the highest concentration of viruses. The new filter also provides strength and durability to reduce the potential for installation and handling damage, further reducing the risk of livestock exposure to airborne contaminants such as PED and PRRS. Go to booth #179 in the Varied Industries Building at World Pork Expo to learn more, or visit: www.automatedproduction.com.