International Bacon Day is September 3, so use this holiday to enjoy the meat product America loves at an even higher rate. It will send a strong message to those companies and individuals that want you to stop eating bacon altogether, like Cool Foods. Of course, the purpose for the company promoting its “no bacon day” is completely self-serving.

According to a news release distributed this week, Cool Foods “is concerned about the health risks associated with eating pork bacon.” And it has just the answer: pinto bean pulses!

Yum. Who would want to eat delicious, sizzling, chewy, meaty, perfectly cooked bacon on a BLT this holiday weekend when they could eat pinto bean pulses? The beans are “steamed without water waste and thereby retain their inherently rich nutrients.” Oh yes – that makes me want to go out and buy some right now.

It’s marketing manure at its finest, once more. The maker of Vegi Bacon Bits & Dips is using International Bacon Day on September 3 as a way to promote its alternative product by proclaiming “no bacon day” at the same time. The company is “calling all vegetarians and vegans” to not eat bacon that day.

True, many of these self-proclaimed vegans are closet bacon eaters, so if they refrain from their guilty pleasure on September 3, it could impact bacon sales by at least one millionth of 1%, and the pork industry simply can’t allow that to happen. That’s why anyone reading this article should go out and buy an additional package of bacon on International Bacon Day, to make sure you have enough on hand through the holiday weekend.

The campaign against Bacon Day by Cool Foods supposedly “supports pig sanctuaries,” but nothing in the news release mentioned anything about donations to sanctuaries, nor was there an explanation on the company’s website, but I’m sure putting “support pig sanctuaries” appeals to the audience the company is trying to reach, many of whom likely live close to its headquarters in Santa Monica, Cal.

And I was relieved to find out that Vegi Bacon is gluten-free and soy-free. My guess is that’s the only thing is has in common with the real bacon, which as everyone knows is the real deal.

Calling All Bacon Lovers
Let’s show this company that its “no bacon day” has no legs, literally and figuratively. Let’s support hard-working pig farmers and their families and enjoy more of the world’s perfect food this weekend. Just remember to eat responsibly.