What started as a regular livestock auction ended as a moment that changed one Florida 4-Her’s life. 

Eleven-year-old Heath Hendry wasn’t just your average 4-Her though. According to Fox 13 News, Hendry’s single mother Tamara died suddenly of a heart attack Wednesday in the midst of the Hardee County Fair. 

As Janet Gillard, director of the Florida State Fair Board, explained in an interview here, no one expected Hendry to even show up for Thursday’s auction in the wake of the tragic loss of his mother. 

 “We thought someone else was going to show it on his behalf. When he walked in to the ring, there was complete silence because we were in such awe of the strength that God put in this little boy to be able to come out the very next day in front of hundreds and hundreds of people,” she described. “He received a standing ovation, and it was so quiet that even the pigs were quiet when it happened.”

Hendry stood by the auctioneer as the prices for the hog steadily climbed. In the end, Hendry’s hog sold for $170 a pound, and at 290 pounds, the animal sold for more than $47,000. Read more here.

This total may be even higher. 

“We actually take add-ons until March 13, and we anticipate that number will grow exponentially by this deadline,” Gillard adds.

Click the video below to learn more about the incredible auction:

Hendry’s story doesn’t end there. More than $2,000 have poured in from online donations to provide even more support for Hendry in just 24 hours.