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Heating oil expenditures forecast to be lower this winter

A forecast combination of warmer weather and lower crude oil prices is contributing to the lowest expected average residential heating oil expenditures in nine years for the winter heating season of 2015-16, which runs from October 1 through March 31. The average household using heating oil is forecast to spend about $1,390 for heating bills during winter 2015-16, down $460 from last winter’s average expenditures.


Look at past El Niño effect on winter and summer

El Niño is here to stay... at least through the winter season, explained Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension climate field specialist.


Feed cost indices for swine enterprises

A recent farmdoc daily article (here) discusses the importance of lower soybean meal costs on pork costs. This article documents the impact of lower corn and soybean meal prices on feed cost indices for a farrow-to-finish enterprise and a hog finishing enterprise, and provides projections for both swine enterprises. It is important to note that the hog finishing enterprise assumes the finishing of an early-weaned pig.


Attend the NIAA Antibiotic Symposium

Government regulations are calling for aggressive steps toward improved antibiotic use in the human and animal health sectors. However, there is no best practice in measuring success in these efforts. An important conference called Antibiotics Stewardship: From Metrics to Management will take place November 3-5, 2015 in Atlanta, Ga. Sponsored by the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, the conference is open to all individuals who want to learn from each other, engage in meaningful discussion and create successful strategies to safeguard antibiotic efficacy.


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