Kansas Pork Association, Kansas Soybean Commission host #RealPigFarming Tour

As food trends come and go, consumers are becoming increasingly driven to learn and understand where their food comes from. The Kansas Pork Association and the Kansas Soybean Commission recently partnered to host a #RealPigFarming tour, which provided an opportunity for attendees to see first-hand how their food is raised.


Westphalen: Weaner breakevens down $2.04

Looking at hog sales in May 2016 using May 2016 futures, the weaner breakeven was $36.89, down $2.04 for the week. Feed costs were down $0.16 per head.


Brumm Speaks Out: Winter ventilation mistakes

In early November, I had data loggers placed in production facilities in west central Minnesota to collect producer data for an upcoming ventilation workshop. In addition to logging temperatures every 2 minutes for a 7 day period, we collected information on the ventilation system, including inlets, fans, controllers and controller settings.


Lead employees to soar, PILOT them to higher levels

Have you noticed that your employees or staff members seem stuck and unable to move upward? Do you have employees who sit in meetings like a plane stuck on the runway? Have you noticed that your employees don’t seem to be reaching for the sky? If you have noticed any of these situations in your business, it may be time to PILOT your employees more than merely manage them. Not only will you notice an increased amount of motivation among employees, you will begin to notice that they are contributing more and becoming more involved and invested in your business.


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