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Various ag markets diveraged again Tuesday

Traders cited technical buying as boosting corn futures Tuesday. The grain markets proved surprisingly strong Tuesday, especially in the absence of supportive news. Wire service sourced cited technical factors and bargain hunting for the corn rise, which seemed doubly impressive in the face of today’s equity market losses. May corn futures closed up 3.0 cents at $3.91/bushel Tuesday, while December rose 3.25 to $4.165.


With precision ag, farmers and soils work better, not harder

The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is coordinating a series of activities throughout 2015 International Year of Soil (IYS) to educate the public about the importance of soil. March’s theme is “Soils Support Agriculture.” In one of SSSA’s March Soils Matter blog posts, experts explain what precision agriculture is, and why farmers use it.


APHIS extends comment period on changes to marketing rules

Producers, livestock markets and other stakeholders have another month to comment on proposed rule changes governing how the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) approves facilities that receive livestock for interstate commerce, along with other rules affecting marketing facilities.


Murphy: Tactical turnaround

When the Dietary Guidelines slam meat’s eco-impact, industry’s response shouldn’t be to attack the committee for being off-base (even though they are). There’s a better way to respond.


Grain futures firmed despite other ag market losses Tuesday morning

Corn futures recovered Monday night gains. Soybeans seemingly rebounded from short-term moving average support last night, but proved vulnerable to fresh selling this morning. Given indications that the grain markets were following beans, it wasn’t surprising to see them turn mostly lower around midmorning, but corn proved surprisingly firm as lunchtime approached. May corn futures rose 1.0 cent to $3.89/bushel late Tuesday morning, while December crept up 1.25 to $4.145.


2015 BIVI PRRS Research Awards announced at AASV conference

The threat from new or evolving swine diseases reminds producers and veterinarians of the critical role ongoing research plays in helping find solutions to problems that reduce production and profitability. When it comes to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), time has proven there are no easy, simple or quick solutions.


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