On a day Chipotle hoped to show it was a good corporate citizen by closing all its restaurants for an unprecedented company-wide food safety meeting, a federal jury in Cincinnati dealt the company another cruel blow. Three female former Chipotle general managers were awarded $600,000 in damages after the jury decided they had been wrongfully terminated on the basis of gender and that the company violated the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Yet, the big news was Chipotle’s all-staff meeting that stretched across the country and was big on promises to employees and customers. Chief among the new initiatives is a $50 million marketing campaign beginning next week, and an offer for a free burrito to customers inconvenienced by Monday’s delayed store openings.

The burrito bribe had its own blunder, however, as a D.C. man received more than 300 texts from Chipotle customers with the giveaway code, “RAINCHECK.” His phone number was one digit off from the burrito promotion number.


W.T. Waggoner Ranch Sells

The historic Waggoner Ranch has a new owner. The ranch, which dates back to 1849, is the largest contiguous ranch property in the U.S., covering 535,000 acres and parts of six counties.

It was listed at $725 million. Any honeymoon for the new owner, however, appears to be short as he’s known for some controversial dealings.  Missouri businessman Stan Kroenke, a sports team owner and real estate developer, recently made headlines for moving his NFL franchise – the Rams – from St Louis to Los Angeles.

Kroenke also has investments in the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the English Premier League’s Arsenal F.C. in London. Announcing the purchase, Kroenke said, “We are honored to assume ownership of the Waggoner – a true Texas and American landmark – and are deeply committed to continuing the proud legacy of W.T. “Tom” Waggoner, his family and his descendants.” Forbes reports that much of Kroenke’s wealth is self-made, though he got a jump start when he married an heir to Sam Walton’s fortune.


Alligator Assault Alleged

As CNN so aptly put it, “It's all fun and games until someone tosses an alligator through the drive-thru window.” A South Florida man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he was accused of placing an order at a Wendy’s restaurant, taking the food and then pitching a three-and-a-half foot gator in the window. He claims it was a prank, but the folks at Wendy’s and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were not amused.


Enviro Extremists Call for Shooting Ranchers’ Cattle

Intentionally shooting someone else’s livestock is a crime — a felony. Doing it to make a political statement and intimidate the owners might be considered terrorism, according to a story in The New American. That’s what a Facebook page for the “Public Lands Hunt Club” is advocating, and that is causing concern and anger among ranchers and farmers in the western states. Is the Facebook page merely a spoof, as some observers claim, or is it agitprop aimed at fomenting the criminal acts it glibly professes to support?