Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University, says the recently opened hog holding facility at the Hormel Foods Austin, Minn. plant is “as good as it gets.”

“This facility is at the top for the industry,” Grandin said. “I am super happy because everything is wonderful; it’s highly managed and perfectly maintained.”

Grandin conducts research and teaches courses on livestock handling and facility design, and has worked with Hormel Foods for more than 10 years. The $6.2 million facility at Hormel opened in 2008 and incorporates many of her industry-leading practices, such as nonreversal movement, nonslip flooring and circular corrals.

“It was an honor to have Temple tour this facility now that construction is complete,” said Glee Goodner, corporate manager of animal welfare and handling at Hormel. “We were excited to see her enthusiasm for how our animal care efforts continue to provide leadership for the industry through state-of-the art building designs, maintenance schedules and employee training.”

Recently, Grandin was the subject of an HBO movie that provided insight into her perseverance and determination while struggling with autism. “Temple Grandin” was nominated for 15 Primetime Emmy Awards. She is also one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People for 2010.

Source: Hormel Foods