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EU Sets Isolation Distances for GM Maize

The European Coexistence Bureau proposed measures that avoid the mixing of GM and conventional maize by establishing distances of 15 to 50 meters.

Schillinger Genetics Opens Illinois Station

Source: Schillinger Genetics

Schillinger Genetics, a specialty seed company headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, has announced the opening of new southern Illinois research station this coming May at its new facility located in Vandalia, Ill.

Converting Invasive Plants to Fuel

Converting invasive plants to fuel is an intriguing idea that's being investigated by partners in a regional project headed by the Center for Invasive Plant Management (CIPM) at Montana State University and the Missouri River Watershed Coalition, said project director Liz Galli-Noble, also CIPM director.

Higher Ag Chem Spending Expected in 2011

With total spending on agricultural chemicals expected to be $458 million for 2010, an increase of more than 16 percent, Industrial Info Resources expects strong demand to increase spending for 2011.

Bayer Acquires Varroa Mite Control Product

Bayer CropScience has acquired a product for controlling varroa mites from Exosect Ltd., Winchester, United Kingdom, with a planned launch in the U.S. to occur in 2011.

The Hidden Cost of Resistance

Source: Penn State University

Genetically modified squash plants that are resistant to a debilitating viral disease become more vulnerable to a fatal bacterial infection, according to biologists at Penn State University.

"Cultivated squash is susceptible to a variety of viral diseases and that is a major problem for farmers," said Andrew Stephenson, Penn State professor of biology. "Infected plants grow more slowly and their fruit becomes misshapen."

Growers Should Plant Diverse Genetics

Growers can best manage risk by planting crops with genetic diversity to insure against a bad year, according to Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business.



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