The following is a response submitted today by Bob Stallman, American Farm Bureau Federation president, regarding a recent posting on the Environmental Protection Agency's official blogg.

“The American Farm Bureau Federation is concerned with the recent blog post by an Environmental Protection Agency intern on the agency’s official blog, “Greenversations.” In the post, the intern promotes going meatless because of environmental and animal welfare concerns.

"Interns like all Americans are entitled to their own opinion on subjects being discussed in public forums. But they, like all government employees, should have an understanding that they are not just representing themselves, they are representing the particular government agency – in this case the EPA.

“While this is a position taken by an intern of the agency, EPA should control its blog space. What is written on its blog comes across as its official position toward farmers and ranchers that it regulates and shows a terrible disregard for them and the agriculture industry.”

You can access the pro-vegetarian posting here.

Source: AFBF