Rick Jordahl

Far From Perfect

The tax cut extension bill currently struggling through the U.S. Congress is snowballing into another unrecognizable catch-all. Many involved want to add a few billion dollars for their favorite project. Business as usual.

Risk Abounds As 2011 Approaches

As 2011 draws nearer, U.S. farmers and livestock producers will be paying closer attention than normal to crop prices, markets and harvest reports. Hopefully, they will also be readying their risk management strategies. FULL STORY »

Congress Needs To “Get Off Their Duff”

Even though originally signed by the two countries in 2007, the free-trade agreement between the United States and Korea, or KORUS, still has not been implemented. Despite the Obama Administration objective to increase U.S. exports it seems many in Congress are content to keep stalling approval.

Make Animal Welfare Job 1

For the vast majority of livestock producers, animal welfare is a top-of-mind priority every hour of every day. But, as we have all seen in disturbing undercover videos released recently, lapses can occur.

Locally Grown Won’t Cut It

There is a growing misconception among consumers today that when it comes to agriculture, big is bad. For many, locally grown food on small farms is the mantra of the day.

Stop The Corn Ethanol Subsidy

The nation’s corn ethanol industry has received a big present paid for by livestock producers and all others who compete for corn on the open market.

The Growing Water Crisis

The current water crisis confronting California is a wake-up call for the nation. Unless we heed the urgent call for water conservation, California’s water strife may roll across the country, state by state.

Time To Lock In Profits

With the strength in hog futures’ prices experienced since USDA’s March Hogs and Pigs report revealed a shrinking U.S. swine herd, pork producers have opportunity to book profits.

Industry Responses: Agriculture Needs Immigration Reform

Jim, Nebraska: Yes, and where would the American cotton industry be today if it weren't for the slaves from Africa. Oh, yes, greed sent the jobs to other third world countries for the sake of corporate profits when the slaves were freed. Glad to see old traditions still prevail. FULL STORY »

Agriculture Needs Immigration Reform

With an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, no one will disagree that immigration reform needs to be a priority.

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