Rick Jordahl

Commentary: Keep ‘em guessing

If you’re in the dark about what will happen in 2013 that will impact your finances, don’t feel alone. It is SOP for Congress during an election year to keep everyone guessing. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Can you retire?

Finding someone to take over the farm may require creative efforts by those looking to retire. Even those whose retirement is not planned for years will benefit from starting their planning now. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Don’t stop now

The withdrawal of the Department of Labor's proposed child labor rule doesn’t mean agriculture’s detractors will abandon their misguided notions. While the withdrawal is an important victory for family farmers, many important objectives await. FULL STORY »

Commentary: E15 for better or worse

The rapidly increasing production of corn-based ethanol in the United States is viewed by many as a primary factor in escalating grain prices seen over the past five years. Meanwhile, U.S. corn inventory is expected to be the smallest in 16 years by this summer, FULL STORY »

Commentary: Water challenges continue to grow

Maintaining a safe and affordable water supply is a basic responsibility for us all and we must renew our dedication and commitment to conservation of this increasingly precious natural resource. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Not Ag gag, it's Ag protection

Opponents of Iowa's recently-passed farm bill refer to the legislation as the “Ag gag” bill. The only things that the law attempts to gag are the false pretenses used by some to gain access to farms. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Press ahead with NBAF

After a couple years of exhaustive feasibility studies, consideration of several other sites around the country, risk assessments and extensive research, the site in Manhattan was selected. Still, the administration believes that the project should be reassessed. FULL STORY »

Commentary: UEP sets ‘dangerous precedent’

The United Egg Producers seems to be throwing overboard years of expertise offered by scientists and veterinarians and aligning instead with a group focused on total elimination of animal agriculture. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Cut, close, consolidate

This week’s cutbacks in the scope of the United States Department of Agriculture, announced by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, is a refreshing step in the right direction. The action is much needed as the United States comes to grips with the dire necessity of getting our fiscal house in order. FULL STORY »

Commentary: New regulations threaten ag

True to form for a federal government overreaching in its attempt to control more and more aspects of our lives, it is busy setting more regulations. This time, the Department of Labor has proposed a new barrage of regulations that involve youth under the age of 18. FULL STORY »

Conference focuses on swine feed efficiency

The International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine was held this week in Omaha, Neb., featuring scientific presentations delivered by experts from all over the world. FULL STORY »

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