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Hemp History Week Is May 17-23

May 17-23 is the first annual “Hemp History Week.” Stop right there and don’t hit the remove us from your e-newsletter mailing list option.

GE Crops Good For The Environment

Prior to this week’s Earth Day activities, a new report released by the National Research Council provided analysis of the effects of genetically engineered crops on “farm-level sustainability in terms of environmental, economic and social effects.”

Time To Reinforce Distillers Grains Value

Word is that the U.S. ethanol industry in the first quarter of 2010 continued its exceptional volume of distillers grains exports and use in U.S. livestock production continued at high levels.

Expect Mandatory Biochar Or Compost Use

Turn that manure, household bio-waste, crop residue and sawdust into biochar or compost, and expect turning livestock manure into one or the other to be mandatory. FULL STORY »

Guinea Pigs Are Problem Solvers, But Who Cares?

Wild guinea pigs and domesticated “dumbed down” guinea pigs are equally capable of solving and navigating a water maze.

Wow, isn’t that hot news? Why do I care, or why should you care?

Lost Cotton Gins & Slaughter Plants Have The Same Result

The rural South has changed and will never be the same again. Instead of being the home of king cotton, the South is becoming more and more of a diversified cropping region.

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Total Nutrition

In today’s swine industry, the efficient use of supplemented energy is paramount. This is not only important in performance but ... Read More

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