Rich Keller

Biotech crops/food losing ground in Europe

The European Union Parliament voted this week on draft legislation to give individual countries more authority and sovereignty in banning production of genetically modified (GM) crops. Expectation is for companies to be forced out. Countries will also be labeling food as GM. FULL STORY »

Rural Americans told democracy requires their involvement

Inspirational speakers who specialize in preaching to the choir of agricultural producers and professionals are a dime a dozen, but one guy I’ve seen a couple times lately, most recently at the annual meeting of the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants, really gets the crowd fired up. FULL STORY »

Using Property Rights Is A Trick Against Biotech Crops

Some politicians wrap themselves in the flag to justify their positions, and then there is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack appealing to farmers and ranchers’ belief in “private property rights” to justify limiting biotech crop production. FULL STORY »

Growing Corn For Ethanol Is Water Wasteful

Water use regulations should be tightened against growing corn for ethanol, if we act according to common sense. Water is wasted everywhere by the general public, industry and agriculture, but using water in areas of the country where water is limited for corn ethanol production seems to make little sense.

Because growing crops requires so much water, agricultural use of water is the first to be targeted for recouping water for use by other segments of the U.S. economy, and corn is one of the most water-consumptive crops to grow.

Water Pollution Blamed On Farmers

A news release from Cornell University puts the blame on farmers for water pollution and dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico in the lead sentence. “If you want to grow a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, you first need to plant a seed in the rich farmland of the upper Mississippi River basin,” starts the news release.

The Fact Of Global Warming Is Being Ignored

Global warming is occurring and just because nearly half the population doesn’t believe it doesn’t change the facts. The planet has been warming at an erratic pace ever since the glaciers began melting 20,000 years ago. FULL STORY »

People’s Gardens Should Not Be USDA Focus

It’s officially farmers’ market and “People’s Gardens” season, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I’m sure all you farmers and ranchers are really proud that the USDA is using limited resources in a budget-challenged time to promote and conduct programs emphasizing urban citizens growing garden vegetables and consumers buying locally grown vegetables and fruits.

The Message About GMO Crops From Fairfield, Iowa

What's the connection between the meditation society based in Fairfield, Iowa, and anti-farming falsehoods about growing genetically modified crops?

Agriculture Should Make More Inflammatory Statements

Many people don't like journalists to use inflammatory statements in their articles or even their editorials. I on the other hand suggest that using language that people say around the water cooler or during coffee break is appropriate - especially if you want people to "hear" your message. FULL STORY »

Cancer Panel Wants Us To Be Cave Dwellers

If we eliminate all manufactured products in our life, we’ll eliminate human cancer, except for a few genetically induced cancers. Two esteemed doctors are positive of this.

U.S. Farmers Will Not Meet World Food Demand

China’s agricultural output has begun to be outpaced by demand, according to the National Corn Growers Association and the U.S. Grains Council. Such a general statement suggests more than a one-year need for grain but a long-term trend.

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