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Cellulosic ethanol plant for North Carolina

Novozymes working with Chemtex and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are partnering on a new advanced biofuels plant in North Carolina. The plant is planned for Sampson County, and will produce 20 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol annually from “energy crops.” Construction is targeted to begin late this year. FULL STORY »

Report says Calif. GHG reduction nearly impossible Play video

Heather Youngs, Ph.D., bioenergy analysis fellow at University of California, Berkley, reports on a two-year panel study of California’s energy system with a look to the year 2050 and a legislative requirement for greenhouse gas emission to be 80 percent below 1990 levels. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Dow responds to 2,4-D resistant waterhemp

An isolated incidence of waterhemp resistant to 2,4-D herbicide in Nebraska has been known since last year; it wasn’t a sudden discovery Aug. 14, although some media coverage seemed to make it sound like the cat had just been let out of the bag. FULL STORY »

Top executives of MF Global avoiding felony charges

Speculation from New York and Washington, D.C., is that no high-level officials of MF Global will be criminally prosecuted for the $1 billion in customer money, including a large amount of farmer money, used to try and stave off MF Global’s bankruptcy that occurred anyway. FULL STORY »

EPA to rate products for drift reduction in 2013

By next summer, ag retailers and farmers could find language on some pesticide labels that recommends verified use of drift reduction technology (DRT) equipment or products for spray applications, according to Jay Ellenberger in the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs. FULL STORY »

DOT waives truck regulations due to drought

Last week, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced relief from hours of service (HOS) requirements and federal truck weight regulations in states where the governor has declared a drought emergency, in order to allow supplies to reach farmers and ranchers. FULL STORY »

Commentary: 12 half-baked ideas for improving agriculture

Since when does the U.S. have a “broken food system,” as claimed by the Worldwatch Institute? What the U.S. has is the world’s most efficient food and feed production system. What the Worldwatch Institute would prefer is inefficient worldwide agriculture similar to farming in 1952. FULL STORY »

Summit to show algae’s potential as renewable fuel

Even though those in agriculture don’t talk about algae as a source of fuel, there appears to be huge interest in algae as the source of renewable biofuel and much more. More than 800 scientists and stakeholders from around the world attended the Algae Biomass Summit last year, and attendance is anticipated to be larger at this year’s sixth annual conference in Denver, Colo., Sept. 24-27. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Too many programs for Congress to assess

If members of Congress cannot figure out how to deal with the farm bill economics, how in the world do they expect to complete a budget for all the departments and operational costs of each branch of the government, and have it total within the parameters of the budget cutting that is being demanded? FULL STORY »

Many positives for Argentina ethanol production

At a time when there are complaints about corn being used for ethanol production and the price of corn as a feedstock is making ethanol production unprofitable, there is economic-based discussion about Argentina jumping into corn ethanol production at a high level. FULL STORY »

A million more signatures for GMO food labeling

The people who think that all “genetically engineered” foods should be labeled as such are still organizing for the November California vote on Proposition 37. Just because groups gathered a million signatures to get the proposition on the ballot doesn’t mean they are taking a rest. FULL STORY »

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