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AgGateway standards could help farmer and service provider

Yield data is a reflection of every management decision. “It is the last chapter in the book,” said Steve Cubbage, president of Prime Meridian LLC, a company that is a “service provider” to farmers who are incorporating precision ag into their operations. FULL STORY »

Two economist highlights from ASFMRA

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), which also included the Agronomics—Vision 2013, more than anything else included a program of economists providing differing views and various outlooks for land values, U.S. grain marketing and world economies. FULL STORY »

Monsanto helping solve the Rubik’s Cube of farming

“Farming is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube,” according to Ted Crosbie, Monsanto, vice-president global plant breeding. FULL STORY »

Ag professionals and cyst nematode recommendations

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is the single most damaging soybean pest in the United States, according to DuPont Pioneer. Without showing obvious symptoms, many fields are infested without the knowledge of the grower, decreasing yields substantially. FULL STORY »

Expect soil drought to continue in 2013

Unless corn and soybean farmers of the Corn Belt have exceptional rain and snowfall that soaks into the soil between now and next planting season, 2013 crop yields could be negatively affected, according to Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University meteorologist. He said there are reasons to expect a prolongation of the drought that began in late 2011 and hit hard in 2012. FULL STORY »

Basics of soil fertility for growing soybeans

DuPont Pioneer provided basic soybean field fertility principles to remind agronomists and crop consultants about recommendations that should be made to farmers. FULL STORY »

Two insects of concern after drought Play video

Japanese beetles and corn rootworms had big populations in 2012 that could cause problems for 2013, said Brent Wilson, DuPont Pioneer technical services manager. Drought years are high insect years, he explained. FULL STORY »

Illinois site was an example of weed resistance

It wasn’t hard finding Palmer amaranth dotting fields in the Midwest and South last summer, and many of this pigweed species were herbicide resistant. FULL STORY »

Need examination of all energy tax credits

There needs to be an overall examination of all the energy tax credits and how the U.S. tax code benefits various energy businesses, but Congress should not be eliminating the wind energy production tax credit arbitrarily while allowing other tax breaks to continue, said Howard Learner, president and executive director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. FULL STORY »

Concern about ammonia handling Play video

Richard Gearheard, president of Crop Production Services, used anhydrous ammonia as an example of needing to invest in safety while talking to attendees of the National Agronomic Environmental Health & Safety School. FULL STORY »

Belief in mixing corn hybrids in a field

Does mixing corn hybrids in the same field have any advantage? Fred Below, University of Illinois professor researching how to achieve 300 bushel per acre average yields, said, “I hate 100 acres of the same hybrid in a field.” FULL STORY »

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