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Cost of 2011’s drought continues to rise

The drought of 2011 continues to rack up agricultural losses as a new estimate is expected to surpass the original $5.2 billion estimate. FULL STORY »

Scientists find pathway of phosphorus into groundwater

For the first time, scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey have shown how aquifer composition can affect how excessive levels of phosphorus can be carried from agricultural fields via groundwater to streams and waterways. FULL STORY »

China’s first GMO corn expected by 2013

Although China’s approval process for genetically modified varieties is long and tedious, the Chinese government is expected to approve the planting of GM corn from Origin Agritech for production in 2013, Reuters reported. FULL STORY »

Smartphone Apps important to ag industry

The adoption of Smartphones and their apps is on the rise with the agriculture industry as more find the value in their use, according to a recent Web poll conducted by FULL STORY »

EPA committee completes report on ag issues

The report offers recommendations on the most effective approaches for dealing with water quality issues related to agricultural production and improving water quality across the United States. FULL STORY »

EPA concerned over Monsanto corn’s effectiveness

The Environmental Protection Agency has raised concerns over the stewardship of Monsanto’s corn hybrids that contain the Cry3Bb1 protein, which showed "suspected" resistance in some fields this year. FULL STORY »

Food Trends For 2011

Forecasting trends in the food industry can be just as precarious as predicting the weather as consumers’ tastes can change on a dime. However, Phil Lempert, known as the SuperMarket Guru, works closely with ConAgra to forecast food trends. For 2011 he expects six trends to emerge. FULL STORY »

Peak Fertilizer?

The theory known as “Peak Oil” became popular a few years ago when mainstream media outlets caught on to the concept that there was a finite supply of crude oil in the earth and at some point production would reach past the pinnacle. FULL STORY »

WikiLeaks’ Debacle Should Be Wake Up Call For Ag

You may not think WikiLeaks and the agriculture industry have anything in common, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The ag industry is slowly but surely entering the digital age. More and more transactions and information are being exchanged on the internet than ever before. As a result, more data and information are available to be unearthed, discovered or hacked. FULL STORY »

Climate Talks: A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Not as much hype was made this year ahead of the global climate change talks, which were held in Cancun, Mexico, and few decisions of importance were made. Although a few smaller points were agreed upon, for the most part, no significant changes were made. FULL STORY »

Fear Mongering Has Its Place

On the whole, the agriculture industry tends to be more optimistic than pessimistic. Opponents of modern production agriculture, however, tend to use fear mongering and dramatic, often overblown, examples to try to shame the industry. FULL STORY »

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