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In Perspective: Impact of 2012 drought

The summer of 2012 will always be remembered as the year of one of the worst droughts in nearly 50 years. Many in the media first compared this year’s drought to the one in 1988 that devastated many acres. But as the drought lingered and temperatures soared past 100 degrees in many areas, more began comparing it to the drought of 1956. A few reports even surfaced comparing this year’s drought to the one in the 1930s that created the infamous Dust Bowl. FULL STORY »

More consolidation in the fertilizer industry

Pan American Fertilizer Corp. announced its intention this week to acquire Pacific Potash Corp. Pan American is a Canadian company focused on the extraction of a specific type of fertilizer called calcium sulphate (also referred to as “Agricultural Gypsum”). FULL STORY »

Fertilizer demand may not be weakened by drought

Market analysts are predicting that fertilizer consumption will not decline as a result of the current drought conditions in the nation’s Corn Belt. FULL STORY »

New potash report shows increasing demand

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released a new report showing that global potash markets are recovering from the economic downturn of 2010 as consumption is increasing and production is returning to pre-2008 levels. FULL STORY »

Multiple challenges impact 2012 wheat

The winter wheat crop has faced several challenges this year including diseases and pests despite a warm spring, which sped up the crop’s development and subsequent harvest. FULL STORY »

April bee die-off was not due to pesticides, study claims

A mass die-off of honeybees in April in Ohio was not due to pesticides, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Investments to advance biofuels industry announced

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced new funding available to pursue new innovations in biofuels technologies, increase production of U.S. biofuels, and strengthen American energy security. FULL STORY »

Europe slowing down GM crop trials

Three new reports out of Europe demonstrate the EU is slowind down its approval process and field trials for genetically modified crops. FULL STORY »

Everything’s coming up soybeans

Multiple factors are converging to entice many farmers to plant soybeans this spring. FULL STORY »

Protestors threaten to destroy GM wheat plot

The activist group “Take the Flour Back” has called for members of the public to join them in the destruction of a genetically modified wheat trial in Rothamsted, England on May 27. FULL STORY »

Northern U.S. finding corn seed supply tight

A corn planting frenzy is leaving some upper Midwest farmers without access to the high-end corn varieties this spring. FULL STORY »

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