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UN study: Sustainable ag needs a paradigm shift

Producing more food is not the way to solve the world’s burgeoning population over the next 20 to 30 years, according to a new study published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). FULL STORY »

Southeast could be 'Saudi Arabia' of biofuel production

The Southeast has the potential to become the “Saudi Arabia” of biofuel crop production, according to Bill McCutchen, executive associate director of Texas A&M AgriLife Research. McCutchen called this region the “Bioenergy Belt.” FULL STORY »

World’s wheat, corn stocks to decrease in 2013

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said world wheat stocks will drop by 13 percent, and “unrelenting” demand would pull U.S. corn and soybean stocks to their lowest levels in years—17 years for corn and eight for soybeans. FULL STORY »

Agricultural biotechnology is under attack ... again

Attacks against agricultural biotechnology have increased noticeably this fall within the United States and around the world. It appears that activists who oppose genetically modified crops are advancing their causes more aggressively than ever before. FULL STORY »

Farmers will need to adapt as Corn Belt shifts north

Gradually, the Corn Belt has been shifting north as areas in North Dakota and Canada are now planting corn, soybeans and canola where they only used to be able to grow wheat. Likewise, parts of Kansas are decreasing their corn acres in favor of less water-intensive crops such as wheat, triticale and sorghum. FULL STORY »

Despite drought, world wheat production to increase

If the weather cooperates, world wheat production could see a “significant increase” in 2013, the United Nations said. FULL STORY »

ASA launches Soy Action Center

As Congress returns from recess this week, the American Soybean Association (ASA) announced the launch of the Soy Action Center, a grassroots communications portal through which ASA's 21,000 farmer members can connect with their members of Congress, administration and federal agency officials, and state and local offices. FULL STORY »

Higher farmer incomes could spur fertilizer sales

Although this summer’s drought and heat have caused fertilizer demand to slump, new data suggests that farmers’ incomes are expected to rise and therefore so are fertilizer sales. FULL STORY »

EPA concerned over more evidence of resistant WCR

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expressed its concern recently about what it calls “mounting evidence” that Monsanto’s corn modified to control western corn rootworms (WCR) is losing its effectiveness. FULL STORY »

Swiss study shows GM plants pose low risk

The new research from Switzerland is the latest in several recent studies finding few risks with adopting and consuming GM crops. FULL STORY »

India to set up institution for ag biotechnology

In a new move, the country announced it would set up the Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology that will support research into developing crops with traits for yield and tolerance to stress. Officials gave approval to develop the proposed institute. FULL STORY »

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