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Funding for ag research plays a vital role in 2050 challenge

Investments in agricultural research has a high return on investment and is necessary for a solution to feeding a growing world population on limited resources, so why is Farm Bill funding for R&D shrinking? FULL STORY »

Hey Jack, Georgia farm corn maze features Duck Dynasty character

A Georgia farm has made Duck Dynasty cast member Si’s beard so big you can get lost in it. FULL STORY »

Data reveals “mid-size” farms are disappearing

Data shows the average farm size has remained steady over the last 30 years, however, a closer look shows fewer “average” farms and considerably more large and small farms. FULL STORY »

Lower cash hog prices move producer margins lower

Although pork producer margins decreased by $5.62 per head last week, they remain positive by averaging $5.96 per hog last week according to the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker. FULL STORY »

Beginning farmers overcome barriers with web, crowd funding

Young and beginning farmers with plans of establishing a new farm are using Internet tools to clear the obstacles that would otherwise make the lifelong career unattainable. FULL STORY »

Starting salaries for ag grads do more than just pay the bills

A determining factor in choosing a major and a future career path in college can be the expected salary upon graduation, new data from 16 universities show students have another reason to enroll in ag school. FULL STORY »

Pork producers see positive margins cut in half

Pork producers continue to see positive margins, however the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker shows margins moved $13.90 lower last week, averaging $11.58 per hog. FULL STORY »

Farm Bureau game site now available for tablets

Games about the origin of food and what it takes to produce a crop familiarizes elementary school kids with life on a farm while developing their math, language arts, science and other skills are now available on a tablet. FULL STORY »

PETA goes extreme with ad comparing meat to your child smoking

The animal-rights group more known for its marketing than its accomplishments is at it again with a billboard depicting a child smoking a cigar. FULL STORY »

Farm bill amendment would control EPA list distribution

An amendment to the farm bill currently in the Senate’s hands would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from distributing the names of farmers and ranchers to activists groups against the agricultural industry. FULL STORY »

Tyson selects panel to monitor animal welfare program

A panel of 13 industry experts has been chosen to advise Tyson Foods with its initiative focusing on ensuring responsible care and overall well-being of farm animals. FULL STORY »

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