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Pork producers out of the red with positive margins

Lower feed costs and improving cash hog values turned pork producer profit margins positive last week. FULL STORY »

Midwest rural economy improves, regional issues cause for concern

Slow growth was observed in Midwest rural economies, but political uncertainty, low grain prices and cattle losses resulting from the unexpected winter storm prevented substantial improvement. FULL STORY »

Corn harvest advances, but pace behind average

Corn harvest across the 18 top producing states is slowly advancing, slower than the five-year average and less than half of the completion rate from this time last year. FULL STORY »

Alliance report highlights advancements in livestock production

A report released Monday by the Animal Agriculture Alliance shows technology and animal handling practices are not only feeding a growing world population, they’re ensuring responsible care for livestock. FULL STORY »

Consumers reconsider high meat prices in October

Grocery shoppers are starting to second-guess the prices they see in the meat aisle as a monthly survey shows consumers are not as willing to pay high prices for most meat options. FULL STORY »

Drought covers smallest area since May 2012

Precipitation cut the percentage of the United States experiencing at least moderate drought conditions by almost two percent, particularly aiding areas in the central and eastern parts of the country. FULL STORY »

Ag alliance says Meatless Monday not as popular as it claims

The Meatless Monday Campaign, aimed at cutting meat, dairy and egg consumption by 15 percent, is accused of misrepresenting its number of participants, especially in the categories of schools, food service and restaurants. FULL STORY »

Pork producer, packer margins both fall into the red

Pork producers and packers lost money last week with average margins falling lower according to the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker. FULL STORY »

MIT economist questions ethanol’s role in lower gas prices

A paper co-authored by an MIT economist and an economist from the University of California at Davis question claims by a previous ethanol study showing the biofuel lowers gasoline by $0.89 to $1.09 per gallon. FULL STORY »

Views of crop, livestock treatment affect food safety confidence

Growing interest in the practices used to produce meat and produce has made consumers less confident in the food available to them. FULL STORY »

Food e-Vangelists expected to gain more impact on food production

Consumer interest in the food industry is predicted to increasingly gain traction over the next seven years, led by a growing number of “Food e-Vangelists.” FULL STORY »

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