Russian ban of food imports not surprising

Russia will impose "quite substantial" bans on the U.S. and European Union food imports and is quickly deciding what commodities and foods will be banned as part of President Vladimir Putin’s order to prepare a list of food import bans, it was announced Wednesday. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The twain shall meet - maybe

A newly hatched strategy cooked up by HSUS aims to merge the two most powerful activist movements into one unified force. Can they pull it off? The jury’s still out, but stay tuned. FULL STORY »

Missouri’s ‘Right to Farm’ passes…barely

Missouri’s Right to Farm amendment passed with a margin of less than three-tenths of a percentage point. FULL STORY »

Sjostrom: An apology to The Original Muck Boot Company, and mankind

Last night, at around 10:30 p.m. I wrote up a piece about The Original Muck Boot Company and its supposed donation to HSUS, a known animal rights organization, in “Muck Boot company wading with HSUS?” FULL STORY »

Commentary: No gray areas in animal attack

A rare incident involving a wild otter that mauled two people swimming near a riverfront park triggers a reaction akin to terrorists: You’re either with the otters, or you’re against ’em. FULL STORY »

Sjostrom: Muck Boot company wading with HSUS?

We’re still waiting for an apology — and I mean everyone. Dairy farmers, Hunters, fisherman, farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists everywhere are heading to The Original Muck Boot Company’s Facebook page to share outrage that it donated over $2,000 for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS, or H$U$ as many prefer). FULL STORY »

Farrow-to-finish margins take another fall

Farrow-to-finish margins took another fall last week, dropping from $102.18 per head to $91.75 per head for the week ending August 1, according the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The controversy continues

A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals delivers a setback to meatpackers seeking to overturn USDA’s Country-of-Origin labeling rules. But there are no winners in this battle. FULL STORY »

New Zealand pig farmers tighten security against activists

New Zealand pig farmers are going to extreme measures to keep their pigs and families safe from activists trespassing onto their farms. FULL STORY »

Farrow-to-finish margins take steep hit

Farrow-to-finish margins took a steep hit last week, dropping from $111.27 to $102.18 per head for the week ending July 25, according the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker. FULL STORY »

Senators to FDA: We want more antibiotic information

Amid the on-going controversy over the use of antibiotics in food animal production, three Democratic Senators are pushing FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg for more information FULL STORY »

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