California soaked…but still deep in drought

Last week’s storms may have brought the highest rainfall totals to the Los Angeles areas in years, but it did little quench the state’s oppressive drought. FULL STORY »

Global diets becoming more standardized

As people around the world generally gain access to more food, their diets also are becoming more similar. And scientists express concern that a decline in dietary diversity could lead to increasing health problems. FULL STORY »

“Ag-gag” laws in the news

Several recent news items have brought new attention to farm-protection legislation known as “ag-gag” laws, adopted in several states to protect farmers and ranchers from clandestine activities of animal-rights activists. FULL STORY »

In China, pork is still king, but beef is rising

While pork consumption in China is nearly 10 times higher than beef consumption, beef demand is growing. According to a recent report out of USDA Foreign Agriculture Service staff in Beijing, more Chinese consumers are switching to beef to meet their protein in response to food safety concerns following the H7N9 poultry outbreak. FULL STORY »

Cooney: Weaner breakevens up $3.37

The weaner pig breakeven price is $86.35, up $3.37 for the week. October hog futures were $2.23 higher for the week and feed costs were up $1.17 per head. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Please don’t cut me off a slice of that James Franco

A Silicon Valley food company has big plans of turning celebrities into salami. This has got to be a joke, right? FULL STORY »

‘Rains won’t be enough’ to overturn Calif. drought

It’s finally raining in some parts of California, but with more than 25 percent of the state deep in exceptional drought, the latest series of storms will do little to quench the drought. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five Minutes with the "Not Cool" Farm Bill

Maybe I should subtitle this column "Forever With the Farm Bill." Five minutes just won't cut it for something so complicated and cumbersome that it seems to always be a bone of contention. It's supposed to be a five year plan but just as soon as we get past the six or seven years it takes to put it together, we're off and running on the next 'plan.' FULL STORY »

FDA updates food-label regulations

The federal government this week launched its proposed changes to food labels, intended to more accurately reflect the nutritional value and calorie content of packaged foods. The proposed changes will be published in the Federal Register on March 3, then will be open for public comment for 90 days prior to final rulemaking and implementation. FULL STORY »

KC Federal Reserve survey shows farmland markets cooling

After several years of huge increases, cropland value increases may be slowing and ranchland values may actually be declining, according to a survey of agricultural bankers conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Eating, cooking and the ‘D’ word

That is, ‘dementia.’ Yes, thanks to some researchers eager to plow new ground, there’s now a new study claiming that cooking your meat makes you senile. Uh . . . I forget why, though. FULL STORY »

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