Livestock genetics facility could come to Fresno County, Calif.

Within the next couple years, Fresno County, Calif., could be the new home of an animal genetic research facility sponsored by the United Nations. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with a meat company finding its soul

Big ag, big food, big pharma; they've all taken their lumps for being too big, too evil, too bad and too bottom line money oriented. They are nothing more than monstrous, soulless entities. But 'big' is something usually required to finance big things. A really big idea needs generous inputs of big money to become a reality and that's when a big business comes in handy. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Twin piques

A couple of recent news items related to meat-eating might seem off-putting at first glance, but I’d argue that although they’re completely different, in their own way they’re both quite uplifting. FULL STORY »

Sjostrom: Do something about do-nothing organizations

Are you on any ineffective, underperforming, or simply laughable organization boards or committees? Maybe it is time to make a change. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Oil crisis

What’s found in more than half of all the products on sale at the supermarket? Hint: It’s edible, it’s popular and it’s responsible for a significant share of the eco-problems plaguing the planet. FULL STORY »

Closer management required for ag economy's transition

The economy of the U.S. agriculture sector is in a transition phase following a 10-year period of wealth. Now, with global economies slipping, the agriculture sector is also slipping. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Vegan Noo Yawk? No way!

PETA tries to give The Big Apple a new moniker as ‘The Most Vegan-Friendly City.’ But as a former resident of the Upper West Side, I got one word for their award: ‘Fuhgedabouit!’ FULL STORY »

Changing tastes and attitudes about pork Play video

Darren Warth has been busy with barbecue contests all summer and later this week he'll be competing in the "granddaddy of them all," the American Royal. He'll be defending his title as the reigning Grand Champion! FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with the mid-terms: What does ag really want

Big ag, little ag, hobby ag, cattle business, corn business: whatever it is that you do out on the farm, it's time to make up your mind about what you really want from your local, state and federal elected officials. FULL STORY »

Corn harvest pace picks up, but…

…the current progress is still well behind average. FULL STORY »

U.S.-Japan trade talks hit new farm exports snag

U.S.-Japan trade talks hit a rough patch this week with both sides blaming the other for a stalemate over farm exports, a major hurdle in concluding an ambitious 12-nation trade pact. FULL STORY »

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