Editor’s Note: We thrilled to welcome Janeal Yancey as a new blog contributor. Yancey is a meat science program technician in the animal science department at the University of Arkansas. She attended Texas Tech as an undergraduate, where she studied animal science and was a member of the collegiate meats judging team. She then completed a Masters degree in meat science at Kansas State while coaching the meats judging team, and followed that with a Ph.D in meat science. In her blog called, “Mom at the Meat Counter,” she connects with non-farm moms to answer questions and help them feel more comfortable about the food they buy. She and her husband have a Simmental cow/calf operation. They also have an almost-5-year-old daughter, Vallie. Following is her first post:

You don’t realize until you become a mom that you have this great resource of other moms to help you. First you connect with moms your own age, then younger moms start coming to you for help and advice. It was great, I loved it.

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