Residents in a subdivision in Colorado Springs, Colo., recently found their neighborhood in an unusual predicament: tumbleweeds have trapped them inside their homes.

According to KRDO NewChannel 13, the large, dried plants were driven by recent high-winds and quickly piled up in front of homes and covered roads. Residents report piles of tumbleweeds surpassing 10 feet in some places.

The residents are getting no help from the local homeowner’s association.

"I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation,” resident Melissa Walker told reports. “It's not just a few tumbleweeds. It really is a block full of tumbleweeds that we can't drive. We can't walk. We can't get out of our homes. The fact that they've pretty much abandoned us at this point is really disheartening,”

Neighbors have turned to helping each other clear tumbleweeds for their homes, using rakes, shovels, ladders and cars to help make a dent in the overwhelming amount of tumbleweeds.

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