Love them or hate them, squirrels are here to stay. While some people go to great efforts to keep these critters out of bird feeders, one photographer took things to the next level with a horse mask squirrel feeder.

The Daily Mail reports that Florida photographer Jim Zielinski knew he had to capture the perfect shot to share online. Zielinski rigged the feeder above a branch where he often fed squirrels by hand. After putting in a few peanuts, Zielinski was left waiting to see if the squirrels would take the bait.

“I nearly fell in the pool laughing when I saw I got the shots because I honestly wasn't even sure they would ever actually go for it,” he explained.

It has since taken the Internet by storm, with views surpassing 1.5 million. Click the embedded video above to see a short clip of squirrels using the unique feeder.

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