You read that right. Whether it’s a half-baked idea or the recipe for success, KFC is selling chicken corsages.

For $20, prom-goers can delight their dates with a KFC drumstick resting on a bed of silk or fresh baby’s breath flowers. Click here or the embedded video above to learn more.

For those curious, here are a few FAQs regarding this one-of-a-kind corsage:

Q: Is the chicken included?
A: No. Each corsage kit is purchased from Nanz and Kraft Florists and includes a $5 KFC gift check “so you can customize your corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Whichever best matches her dress.”

Q:  How long will the chicken corsages be available for purchase?
A: Only 100 chicken corsages are available, but it may inspire crafters to make their own.

Q: Is it for real?
A:  Apparently so. One KFC video shows the corsage in action, winning one high schooler a date to prom. Other lucky Twitter followers were among the first to receive their own KFC corsages.