Consider this one delicious – and successful – pork experiment.

When Keith Kerkhoff, co-founder of Templeton Rye Distillery in Templeton, Iowa, decided to combine pigs with whiskey, he wasn’t sure it would succeed; however, he knew it was worth the gamble.   

According to WQAD News, Templeton Rye Distillery is raising 25 Duroc pigs, born in January.  

But unlike most pigs across the state, Templeton Rye’s herd is being raised on a whiskey byproduct. The dry distillery grains are being turned into feed for the animals under the watchful eye of Nick Berry, who has a Ph.D. in Animal Science.

The pigs will be processed and made available to restaurants and the public in mid-summer, and Kerkhoff doesn’t believe he will have any trouble selling his unique pork. Read more here.

One application to purchase one of the pigs was written and published online by David Covucci, editor at Among the many reasons he would like the honor of being selected to buy one (or two) of the pigs.

"This is whiskey pig. You are feeding it a diet of spent grain. Spent grain! This animal is literally subsisting on used food. Whiskey pig is not for the bourgeoisie of the world," Covucci wrote. "Pork is the most humble of foods; whiskey the most earnest of spirits. Whiskey pig does not yearn to be hoi pig-llio."

He adds, "Whiskey pig is for the people."

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