Behold – the Perfect Bacon Bowl.

In its first four months of production, the Perfect Bacon Bowl sold 2 million units. PorkNetwork even mentioned it in our March issue as we discussed the runaway popularity of bacon. We now have put our hands on the popular product to see for ourselves just how it worked.

Here are a few things we learned:

  1. The bacon bowl requires just 3 pieces of bacon. In other words, you can make plenty of bacon bowls out of a standard package of bacon.
  2. Most bacon products can be used, with the exception of center cut varieties. We stuck with the store brand and had no trouble.
  3. It’s easy to make. We popped ours into the microwave, and within 3 minutes we had some pretty tasty bacon. Those wanting it crispier can add a few extra seconds to the bacon time. *Note: You can only cook one Perfect Bacon Bowl at a time when used in a microwave, but others have found success by using the oven.
  4. It’s pretty small after the bacon has cooked. We were able to add in one scrambled egg easily; two scrambled eggs created a heaping pile that spilled over the edges of our bacon bowl.
  5. An impressive amount of grease pools around the edges of the Perfect Bacon Bowl. And if you forget to cover the bacon while cooking, it can pop around the microwave or oven, too.
  6. Two words: Dishwasher safe.

The Huffington Post may have called it useless, but we found it pretty darn tasty.

Now it’s your turn to give it a try. We are giving away two boxes of the Perfect Bacon Bowl. To enter for your chance to win, send an email to explaining what you would put in your bacon bowl. To earn an extra entry, like our Facebook page and leave us a comment there, too. The winners will be selected at random on May 16.