JoAnn Alumbaugh
JoAnn Alumbaugh

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that a feral pig in a remote area of Western Australia ransacked a campsite and drank at least 18 cans of beer before getting into an “altercation” with a cow.

According to the report, the wild pig was seen around the campsite for several days last week. Officials said the alcoholic animal was able to break into multiple six-packs of beer over the course of a few days before going berserk.

What is going on in Australia?

Reportedly, the people camping overnight at the rest area said the pig stole their beers, drank them and then afterwards proceeded to tear apart the bin liners. Another camper who spoke with ABC said she had talked with the affected campers. Identified only as Merida, she said, “There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow. It was going around and around and then it went into the river and swam across to the middle of the river."

"We just want to remind everyone when you do pull over, make sure [your food and alcohol] is securely stored because there are a lot of animals out there that are keen for a free feed," said Fionna Findley, from the government highway division Main Roads.

Findley told ABC that her crews are not equipped to deal with wild pigs, especially if they are drunk. Does anyone else think that’s funny?

Many unanswered questions
Do these people not have cell phones? This definitely should have been caught on video. Was a certain type of beer preferred by the pig? Or did the pig not really care how it tasted after the first six-pack? At what point did the campers discover a pig was drinking their beer (i.e. how much beer had the campers consumed before they noticed a pig sitting around the campfire with them?). And why did the cow attack? Was the cow angry because the pig drank all the beer?
The biggest concern is to keep this news a secret from pigs in the United States - imagine the havoc U.S. pigs could inflict if they knew beer was good.

At least officials now know how to round up feral pigs in an area – just get a bullhorn and drive around their habitat, telling them where the giant “kegger” will be next weekend.

And is the perpetrator OK?

The pig was last seen sleeping beneath a tree, likely nursing a hangover…