Allison Zabel
Allison Zabel

Are colleges giving their students the education and tools needed for the workforce? It was something I worried about before starting my job. I was worried about how much money I had spent on going to college and if it really did pay off in the end.

I have been working at my job now for about two months and I must say that I feel I received the perfect amount of education from Iowa State. I have enough knowledge to know what is going on and why it is happening.

I took a swine systems management class that helped us focus more on soft skills than technical skills. My professor told our class that companies liked how Iowa State students had outstanding technical skills, but we lacked soft skills. Students were struggling with human interaction skills and this class addressed those concerns.

 I believe it has a lot to do with personality. I have the personality of my father, which means I was able to have a conversation with anyone, anywhere. I was blessed with the “gift of gab.” And I can get along with almost anyone. I have not had any problems with my soft skills so far at my job.

I also wasn't required to have internships in my major, but how else was I supposed to gain work experience? I think that with my personality, education and work experience, I will be an asset to an employer in whatever I do in the future.

So to answer my own question, yes I think that Iowa State gave me the preparation that I needed for the workforce.