This is a great time for students to start thinking about next summer and begin looking at internship options. The weather is getting colder and what better time to think about how your summer will be spent? Companies are in the process of looking for candidates to fill their internship spots. If you are a college student and the career fair at the school you attend has been held, do you realize how important it really is?

I look back on my internship opportunities and I am blessed that I got the chances to learn the things I did. I was able to take what I’d learned in college and put it into actual practice. It’s a key piece in helping apply academics to real-life situations.

Internships are beneficial because students get a first look at what a career in that particular area of work will be like. It’s like test driving a car. You get to learn about each company and size-up which one will be the right fit for you after college. It’s important to pay attention to a company’s culture, benefits, and morale. Internships help you show companies that you are an asset - not only as an intern but as a full-time hire.

Internships are beneficial for companies, too. Management gets to see how you will fit into the company’s culture. Companies use internships to also give students needed experience, but many successful internships turn into full-time opportunities.

Internships are important and they do matter. They are a great way to see what a particular career path has in store, and if it’s something the student will want to pursue as a full-time career. It gives students a great opportunity but it does the same thing for the company, since many internships become full-time job prospects.