One 19-year-old woman was sickened in Chipotle’s 2015 E.Coli outbreak and required hospitalization. Now the woman has sued the Mexican fast food giant for free burritos.

Even the woman’s lawyer was shocked by the request.

According to Business Insider, Bill Marler told reporters he had been doing similar cases for 20 years and sued numerous restaurant chains. This case, however, takes the cake burrito.

“I have never seen people willing to go back to a restaurant under those circumstances," Marler told Business Insider.

Chipotle ended up settling the case for an undisclosed amount and threw in coupons for three dozen free burritos.

The woman wasn’t Marler’s only client sickened in Chipotle’s outbreak, nor was she the only client willing to return to Chipotle.

“More than just a few of them were pretty big fans of Chipotle," Marler said. "In fact a couple of them, during their case, told me they had gone back to Chipotle — which I thought was a little strange."

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