There’s nothing like wet, over-saturated feed on a concrete to turn a walkway into an ice skating rink.

That’s just what Thomas Titus, an Illinois pork producer and one of the USFRA’s “Faces of Farming and Ranching” winners, showed in a recent #RealPigFarming update.

“You are probably wondering what you are even looking is wet, over saturated feed on a concrete walkway. It's dangerous folks. For perspective: it's like slick 50 x WD-40 on steroids. It WILL TAKE YOU OUT! You are mid stride having a great day and then it this the day I go down in front of all my friends at work? I’m talking about's a pig farmer joke, get it? This stuff is wild! Lesson learned: be humble you never know when you'll need a hand or snout in this case up,” he explained.

#RealPigFarming is a social media campaign sponsored by the National Pork Board. It encourages the nation’s pork producers to share photos and experiences online using the hashtag, #RealPigFarming. Click here for more information.