Is there any better way to celebrate National Pig Day than by sharing a selfie with pigs? One woman who grew up on an Iowa pig farm is proud to say “no!”

Steph Carlson, who now works with the Iowa Pork Producers Association, recently shared her #RealPigFarming snapshot to celebrate National Pig Day.

“I’m proud to have been raised and now working with #RealPigFarming,” she explained in her tweet. “Today we celebrate pigs!”

So what is National Pig Day?  It’s an annual event held across the country on March 1 to celebrate pigs. According to an archived Associated Press report, it took root in 1972 thanks to two sisters and their love for pigs. Click here to read more from the Associated Press and be sure to check out PorkNetwork’s Facebook page to see how we celebrated National Pig Day.

#RealPigFarming is a social media campaign sponsored by the National Pork Board. It encourages the nation’s pork producers to share photos and experiences online using the hashtag, #RealPigFarming. Read, “Pork Checkoff launches social media blitz.”