One pig was rescued after literally flying out of a trailer in Colorado.

According to the Coloradoan, a market hog fell from a trailer speeding along at 65 miles per hour on a busy interstate in Larimer County. The predicament put animal control and law enforcement officers into a unique situation – they did not know how to round up the injured animal that had now refused to budge from beneath a semi-truck.

In the end, troopers turned to a local road worker who happened to be a former pig farmer. He explained that while a noose around the pig’s neck may help, the crew needed to grab the pig by its back legs.

Through a little squealing, the pig was pulled out and moved to the safety of an animal control van.

“You have to think human safety first then animal safety a close second,” Shawn Perino, an animal control officer, told reporters. “If we get hurt, then chances are the animal might get hurt, and then we really have a situation.”

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The Associated Press adds the pig suffered some road rash to its ears and snout but appeared otherwise unscathed despite its harrowing ordeal.

The Larimer Humane Society updated on Facebook that the pig was returned to its owner.