Cutline: Here is one of the four-legged thieves.
Cutline: Here is one of the four-legged thieves.

We know that pigs love milk and cream, but normally they don’t help themselves. That wasn’t the case with three little pigs in southern Austria. The Independent reports that Hans Gumpitsch couldn’t figure out why some of his cows weren’t producing as much milk in the summer months.

Tourists solved the crime when they snapped a picture of a pig helping  itself to milk fresh out of one of Gumpitsch’s cows.

Evidently three pigs belonging to the local mayor, Gaimberg Bernhard Webhofer, had been spending the summer months outside in the small town of Nußdorf-Debant in southern Austria.

Gentle Sucklers
Gumpitsch told the Tiroler Tageszeitung the milk-rustling pigs were able to suckle the cows because they “drink from the udder with a lot of sensitivity.” Now, that’s a first, but it makes sense. If the pigs had bitten the teats or been too rough, the cows would have kicked them away. 

Bumpitsch said that after drinking their fill, the pigs would lie down in the pasture and take a nap. 

Since the milk rustling came to light, Mr Gumpitsch’s farm has become an unlikely tourist attraction with visitors and locals all flocking down to see the spectacle for themselves, the article said.