A day hunting on private land by Morgan Hill, Calif., took a strange turn recently after one hunter posted the startling catch.

Reddit user GlendilTEK shared photos of what initially appeared to be a normal feral hog. However, once it was harvested, it was obvious this was not just any hog. Inside, they found bright, fluorescent blue fat throughout the hog’s body.

A sample of the fat was sent to researchers at the University of California-Davis but no answers have yet to surface.

Now it was time to for the hunters to put on their own detective hats to get to the bottom of the blue mystery. None of the other wild pigs killed on the property were anything but normal, so what was different about this hog? Was it a genetic defect? A bacterial contamination?

One clue came the day after the animal was killed as GlendilTEK reported local predators avoided the pig with the blue fat.

“Have not heard back on the results, but have let the carcass sit for about a day, no animals seem to touch it or try to eat it which was interesting,” GlendilTEK explained.

Reporters with OutdoorHub reached out to a public information officer with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife who surmised the dramatic coloring was likely caused by rodent poison or pesticides. Apparently feral pigs with blue fat have been seen occasionally in the state and is often the result of the animals eating ground squirrel bait. Read more here.

Nonetheless, it is ill-advised to consume meat from these animals!