As bacon has been dominating menus across the U.S. for the past years, a silent giant has been lurking to take over the pork throne on the menu. Pulled pork has increased in popularity over the past years. Deena Shanker of Quartz wrote that pulled pork from 2005 to 2014 increased 67.9 percent in appearances on menus, while bacon has only seen a 9.4 increase. What is driving this emergence of pulled pork?

  1. Price - As beef prices have been up, demand for pork has increased as a substitute for beef
  2. Ethnic foods - Interest in Central and South African cuisine
  3. Ease of use - Good for home cookers and easy to make

Bacon doesn't look like it will be relinquishing the pork throne anytime soon, but pulled pork is definitely making a surge to be noticed on your menu.

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