MAXX-TRAX Steerable Manure Tankers

With the MAXX-TRAC high speed steering system and impressive off-road maneuverability, getting to the fi eld is safer and faster than ever before. Less time spent traveling means more loads of manure hauled per day. The rugged MAXX-TRAC is built for large injection systems, delivering maximum traction and smooth handling every time, with an adjustable tank position to guarantee proper balance. The rugged full-frame trailer glides smoothly over rough ground while carrying the towing load, and the parallellink suspension means the left and right sides move independently, keeping an equal load on all wheels at all times. The smooth hydraulic suspension cushions shock loads and the responsive steering system really takes the load off your tractor during cornering. Jamesway’s massive 4-piston brake calipers provide far larger brake pads than the industry standard, and automatic braking makes road travel safer by reducing operator errors. The MAXX-TRAC industrial brakes have pl

About Jamesway

Jamesway offers the most extensive line of manure handling equipment in the world.



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