When I began researching antibiotics in livestock a couple of years ago, a quick Google search was scary. In fact, it still is.  Try it – Google “antibiotics livestock” and see what comes up. Several news articles speculating on a link between human antibiotic resistant infections and antibiotic use on farms immediately pop up.

Now Google something else – organic food, CAFO, pesticides in food or GMOs. Can you imagine average Americans searching for those topics, and then reading the links that appear on their screens?

Many of the links are simply someone’s opinion, backed up with a little faux science. The news articles in the search results often twist facts and focus on the sensational side of the issue, not the scientific side.  These websites and their “faux facts” can be confusing and scary to someone who doesn’t know better.

So where should people go for real facts about these issues? Here are a few websites I rely on because they provide scientific information in an easy-to-digest format.

  1.  www.findourcommonground.com – The CommonGround website has a great round-up of USDA & FDA approved facts and information about agriculture.
  2. www.bestfoodfacts.org – This site has oodles of information about agriculture from a variety of industry experts.
  3. www.safefruitsandveggies.com – If you have not visited this website, you MUST do it NOW!  The Pesticide Residue Calculator is sure to make an impact, in a good way.

What other websites do you know of that provide accurate, easy-to-read information about agriculture?  Please comment below to add to the list.