I saw a post on Twitter recently from a celebrity (Kaley Cuoco), which said people need to take action and stop the Farm Bill and the King Amendment. Of course, it was an endorsement for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). As I clicked on the link and read about the King Amendment, it became clear to me that movie stars should not be spokespeople for what agriculturists do. There are some things in the King Amendment that I do not agree with, but there are things in this bill that allow us to be a top producing country in meat. It frustrates me that people who have never seen or worked on an animal operation can back these things up. I take pride in what I do and because celebrities say it is bad, without background knowledge, people will take their word for it because they are popular.

It scares me to see how uneducated Americans are about what goes on in the agricultural industry. I take for granted my knowledge of where food comes from and the lengths we go through to get it. I take for granted that agriculture is the basis of our country and without it we would crumble.

People just don’t understand how great we have it here in the United States. We pay about 11 percent of our income on food. Most countries pay three times that amount. In my life, I strive to be an advocate of agriculture and want to help this nation learn that what we do is helping the world. I want to educate America on how important farmers and animal producers are to this country and the world.